Fan tattoos Zahara’s name

While celebrities would be nothing without their loving fans, sometimes, things get really out of hand. When you see some of the things devoted fans have done for their favourite idols, you’ll be left speechless. Take this Zahara fan for instance…

Zahara took to Instagram to share one of the many things that her fans do to prove their love and dedication for her. The picture posted shows an arm of a seemingly staunch supporter with the words ‘I lv [love] Zahara’ cut into his skin.

“When a fan engraves himself.. this must be painful, but thank you for your love,” Zahara wrote alongside the spine-chilling snap.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE soon after the picture was posted, the Loliwe hitmaker revealed that while she found the incision to be a bit hair-raising, she is overwhelmed by the love and support that she’s been receiving from her slew of fans.

“The last time I saw a similar thing was with Michael Jackson. Two weeks back when I performed Umthwalo Wam, two fans fainted. I’m doing the right thing and people don’t know how to express their love for me. It’s scary that a fan would cut his hand with a bottle for me. What if the nerve gets affected? My music is well-received and people react differently to showcase their love for my music.  My music is helping and healing people,” she said.

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