Khanyi Mbau goes nude in new photoshoot

She has even posted a video of the photoshoot, and it’s all sorts of amazing


Khanyi Mbau has done it again, breaking Instagram with new pictures that left us wondering if we’ll ever reach that level of perfection. One of the pictures has been compared with those of Kim Kardashian-West and Nicki Minaj, with all of them going nude and having the same poses. One of her fans even went as far as commenting on her skin colour, saying she was never black to begin with.


“I was never worldly babe! Nothing earth can handle. Never been hence why everyone misunderstands me so much!! Give it another five years,” she said. So next time you fail to understand her actions, know that you’re not supposed to.


Check out the pictures that set tongues wagging on Instagram: The Citizen

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