Centlec working to restore power

Technicians from Centlec are working endlessly to try and restore electricity to parts of Mangaung, namely Vista, Hamilton, Freedom Square, Turflaage and the Chris Hani informal settlement.

This comes after an electric blast at the Vista Park Power Station in Bloemfontein on Monday.

The blast occurred while two independent contractors for a construction company in the city dug a ditch, damaging electric cables of the power station. This led to an explosion which caused a fire at the power station.

The fire brigade responded immediately and distinguished the fire. According to Centlec’s spokesperson, Lele Mamatu, this incident could have been avoided if proper measures have been followed.

“This could have been avoided if there was a consultation with us [Centlec] by the contractors. We would have advised them not to work in this area because we have our network cables that are running there,” says Mamatu.

Meanwhile, ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, said one of the injured was in a critical condition with burns all over his body. He was taken to a local hospital. The other man who was injured suffered less severe burns, but was also transported to a hospital.

The cost of the damage to the Vista Park Power Station is yet to be determined. Centlec cannot say at this stage when electricity will be restored to the affected areas in the city.


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