Skeem Saam fans pray for Leshole


After a series of really bad events, Skeem Saam fans have stopped their planned “boycott” of the show in hope that one of their favourite characters, Leshole Mabitsela, will finally be given a break.

From getting shot to missing job opportunities, Leshole has been going through the most for the last week and a bit. It got so bad at one point, Skeem Saam fans on social media threatened to boycott the show until the soapie’s writers stopped “abusing” the character.

While Twitter protesters were making their picket signs and typing up their letters of demand, the show’s writers hinted that Leshole’s bad luck might be coming to an end, with the arrival of his mother.

Although not much is known about her at the moment, fans couldn’t help but speculate that she might be rich and be able to bring some hope to Leshole’s life.

They flooded social media with memes and messages praying for the miracle. Timeslive